AGETRUST (The Age Related Diseases and Health Trust) is a small charity having a big effect – by staying small.

There are plenty of big charities. Our role is to help them, the grassroots voluntary and community sector, central and local government, health professionals and business work together to get better results for older people’s health. From leading an action group for and co-funding the Dementia Action Alliance to helping develop and deliver health and social care navigation capabilities in GP and pharmacy wellbeing practices, funding age related disease research, creating and co-producing self-help guidance, working to improve health and wellbeing commissioning, encouraging grassroots community connections… our job has been to be the catalyst to get things done.

We Are Non Profit Organization

Agetrust began by supplying small but timely funding to research and programmes dealing with underlying mechanisms of all age related conditions and their treatment.

Key contributions to both the University of Glasgow / Cochrane Collaboration and Peninsula Medical School have been credited in taking important steps forward. This led to a growing understanding of the preventability of many long term conditions, and the real prospect of prevention, crisis prevention and wellbeing when person-centred care and support is provided.

Joint Working with Home To Home Calls

Working at the interface between medical and social care, it soon became apparent that isolation, loneliness and lack of timely support were creating massive problems for our ageing population and our systems on all levels. It also became increasingly clear that providing such support could prevent problems arising in the first place, prevent crises with all their costs in suffering and system expense, and increase wellbeing for older people, their carers and families.

More about Home to Home Calls

What Have We Been Accomplishing?

Led and co-funded the Dementia Action Alliance action group on post-diagnostic support. We have been a substantial contributor to the DAA, an organisation which includes the Department of Health, NHS England, local authorities, leading charities and businesses. As part of leading the action group Agetrust has delivered two commissioned DAA / Department of Health reports on how to best help people after a diagnosis and their carers, and what the situation is now.

Acted as part of the Department of Health Post-Diagnostic Support Group. At the end of 2015 the Secretary of State for Health wrote to thank us for our “leadership, support and commitment” in this regard and said “Your determination to improve the lives of people with dementia has driven a step change in responding to dementia and provides a solid platform on which together we can build for the future.”

Key People

Jayde Lewis

Jayde has a BA Hons in Business Management and is the founder of Home To Home Calls. Her determination to extend her work into a level of effective support nationwide for older people, their families and carers, regardless of abilities to pay, drives her current endeavours.

E: jayde@agetrust.org
T: 0121 514 0704

Paul Spinger
Consulting CEO

Paul is a Fellow of both the Royal Society of Medicine and the Royal Society for Public Health. He has been the driver of Agetrust accomplishments and projects to date.
E: paul@agetrust.com
T: 07785 365294

Andrea Tweed

Andrea is a keen volunteer for local community initiatives with particular interest for the treatment of the elderly in later life.

Daniel Williams

Daniel is passionate about disability rights and making mainstream services accessible to all, enabling people with disabilities to be as independent as possible. Daniel want’s to facilitate the social change that will eradicate the shameful employment gap between people with disabilities and the wider population.