Home to Home Calls

ISOLATION AND LONELINESS for older people remains an enormous challenge. 

To do more in that regard Agetrust is delighted to have begun working with the social enterprise Home To Home Calls (HTHC). HTHC have demonstrated the effectiveness of their excellent befriending service. Agetrust will now dedicate its efforts to extend their befriending into providing more navigation to all relevant health, social care and wellbeing support with a great focus on care homes.

This cross-sector approach has great promise for better care for our ageing population whatever the government financial constraints.

HTHC request a small donation for their service, Agetrust will also support a level of voluntary service provision for all, regardless of ability to pay. 

What is Home to Home Calls?

Home to Home Calls is a telephone befriending service mainly for those who are socially isolated that works by carefully assigning each user with their own telephone befriender who provides friendly conversation and companionship on a regular basis over a period of time.

The topics of discussion can range from a simple welfare check and medication reminder, to a discussion about their day, the weather or the news. The idea is not new, but it is unique in the way that it encourages positive healthy friendships to develop with the same guaranteed befriender at a pre agreed time every day. The vital service provides a link to the outside world and often acts as a gateway for other services and valuable support.

Home To Home Calls Contact Details:

W: www.hometohomecalls.com

T: 0800 316 8802

E: info@hometohomecalls.com